About Us

Meshel Laurie

Show Host

Meshel Laurie works in TV and radio, podcasts, writes columns and books, and parents primary school aged twins. True crime has always fascinated Meshel and in exploring some of the darkest corners of human nature she gives a voice to people, in particular families affected by violent crime. 

Most memorable episodes:

Sallie-Anne Huckstepp: The Woman Who Knew Too Much – #5 

My Sister, The Killer Part 1 – #12 

Emily Webb


Emily Webb is a journalist and writer who has long been interested in true crime. She is the author of three true crime books (Murder in Suburbia, Angels of Death and Suburban Nightmare) that she’s currently updating to be republished in 2019. Emily has a particular interest in cold cases and giving the families and friends of victims a voice to talk about the ripple effect of crime.

Most memorable episodes:

I Was Sexually Assaulted By a Stranger When I Was 7 – #63, because guest Elesha has helped so many people by bravely telling her story. 

The 30 Year Cold Case of Nanette Ellis – #4 about the unsolved murder of Melbourne woman Nanette Ellis.

Narelle Fraser

Featured Guest and former Police Detective

Narelle was a member of Victoria Police for 27 years, 15 of those as a Detective with Homicide, Rape, Sex Crimes, Missing Persons and Child Exploitation Squads, specialising in sex offences and child abuse.

In 2012 Narelle was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and was never able to return to Policing, however she overcame many adversities to become an ‘accidental’ mental health advocate and keynote speaker/presenter on the challenges of first responders who face trauma and grief on a daily basis.  

Narelle has lectured in Investigative Techniques and Human Rights at NMIT (now Melbourne Polytechnic), Criminology & Specialist Interviewer Program at Monash, is a trainer with Investigator Upgrade, has appeared on television, in print, social media and radio and is a regular guest on Australian True Crime.

Most memorable episode:

My first ever episode on ATC, 33 Reasons Why I Have PTSD with Narelle Fraser – #11 was incredible and unforgettable on so many levels and is without doubt my most memorable episode. ATC was my introduction to podcasts, as prior to that I honestly didn’t even know what a podcast was. It was also exciting because I felt it was the first time I’d ever been given an opportunity to tell my story with two professional interviewers who knew when to let me talk and when was the right time to clarify a point I’d made or ask a question. I was incredibly humbled (and still am) to think Meshel and Emily thought my story was worth telling.  

After recording this particular podcast, the response I received was overwhelming. It proved to me that by putting myself out there with all my vulnerabilities and insecurities on show as it were, was actually a strength and not a weakness, encouraging others to be more accepting of their own vulnerabilities and insecurities. In the days, weeks and months after being diagnosed with PTSD I never would have thought this possible. ATC has given me a platform to help people think of mental illness as just another illness, like a cold or a broken leg and I encourage the community to view seeking help as a strength rather than a weakness.  

ATC has provided me the opportunity to be a voice, to give others the confidence to seek help when they are struggling, to represent those damaged and suffering in silence, too ashamed, humiliated or embarrassed to admit they are not coping, especially my ex-colleagues of which there are far too many. Mental illness can affect anyone, but particularly those who experience trauma and grief on a daily basis – it is such a very normal response to such an abnormal situation others could not ever imagine.   

Zoë Lea


Zoë looks after marketing for the ATC podcast, and is the human at the receiving end of your email and social media comments, questions and hot story leads. 

Most memorable episodes:

Sandra Pankhurst: The Trauma Cleaner – #51, because her journey and outlook is an utter inspiration.

Stalker: A Narelle Fraser Case – #79 is another favourite because it’s a disturbing tale of what could be lurking in any ’normal’ neighbourhood.

About Our Podcast

This podcast features interviews with both victims and perpetrators as well as intriguing chats with authors of true crime books and people working in society to address issues of crime and punishment.

Together, Meshel and Emily delve deep behind the headlines to bring a fresh take on all things true crime.