The Very Cold Case of the Murder of Mollie Dean with Gideon Haigh

Gideon Haigh is best known as one of the world’s most respected cricket writers, but he became intrigued by the unsolved murder of Mollie Dean, in 1930.

To Hell and Back: A Policewoman’s Journey

You know we love the police force here on Australian True Crime, but Carolyn Pethick’s story of sexual harassment and bullying within the force needs to be told.

The Drive-by Shooting Murder of Chris Lane

Andrea Kane’s close-knit family received the worst possible news about her brother Chris. He’d been shot in a random American drive-by just 48 hours after leaving his Australian home.

The Milicia Trailovic Murder: A Narelle Fraser Case

Milicia Trailovic was reported missing by her sister in Serbia. As soon as her case landed on Narelle Fraser’s desk, the alarm bells started ringing.

Art Fraud: Whiteley on Trial with Gabriella Coslovic

Gabriella Coslovic tells us about the art world court drama that’s begging to be made into a movie, in which colourful characters and legal loopholes abound.

Annette Mason: Journey to an Inquest

Toowoomba teenager Annette Mason was murdered in 1989, and the case remains unsolved.