The Society Murders: A Narelle Fraser Case

Reported missing in April 2002, Margaret and Paul Wales-King were wealthy, happy and firmly ensconced in Melbourne’s most elite social circles.

The Box Hill and Ascot Vale Rapists: A Narelle Fraser Case

Narelle is back to talk more about her time with the rape squad.

Cold Case Solved: The Murder of Michelle Buckingham

When Shepparton News cub reporter Tammy Mills went looking for an interesting local story, she set in motion an incredible chain of events that resulted in the solving of a 33 year cold case.

The Kidnapping of Le Anh Tuan with Jeff Maher

On 29 April 1996, 21-year-old Le Anh Tuan was abducted in broad daylight, from the front yard of the house he lived in with his mother and siblings.

Old School Tales from Old Melbourne Gaol with Troy Larkin

This week we kick it old school, with bushrangers, escape artists, and the hangman’s noose.

Peter Dupas: An Australian Serial Killer

Former homicide detective Jeff Maher talks to us about the case that finally exposed Australian serial killer Peter Dupas.