The Narelle Fraser Conversations – Retired Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Sandra Nicholson

Retired Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Sandra Nicholson isn’t the kind of person who seeks attention.

Do Policemen Have a Soul? With Gary Raymond

Gary Raymond worked some of the highest profile and most challenging cases in NSW policing in living memory, including the brutal abduction and murder of Anita Cobby and the drive-by shooting of 5-year-old Tess Debrincat.

The Narelle Fraser Conversations – Michele Williams QC Senior Crown Prosecutor

Narelle Fraser dusts off her celebrated interviewing skills for a special series of episodes of Australian True Crime to be featured intermittently throughout the year.

Where did Elmer Crawford go? (After murdering his wife and children.)

Elmer Crawford committed the ultimate crime of family violence in a callous and calculated way, but what he did next remains a fascinating mystery.

Tara Schultz and the Price of Survival

Tara Schultz is a survivor of many crimes perpetrated against her in childhood.

Narelle Fraser meets Victor Peirce at the shops

Narelle Fraser thought her number was up when she ran into the notorious armed robber Victor Peirce at the shops.