Season 2 – 2018

What’s Happened Since We Spoke with White Collar Criminal Will?

A year ago, we spoke to Will, an ordinary guy who went to jail after he bit off more than he could chew when the temptation of stealing money from his workplace got the better of his moral compass.

The Woman Who Thinks Ivan Milat is Innocent

Amanda Howard, the Serial Killer Whisperer joins us again to talk about the holes she believes are in the case against Ivan Milat. Amanda corresponds with Milat in jail.

Legendary Cop Brian ‘The Skull’ Murphy

Brian joined the police force in 1954, a time now known as either the good old days or the bad old days of policing, depending on whom you ask.

Victorian Rape Squad: A Narelle Fraser Case

Narelle Fraser’s first case with the Victorian Rape Squad was to be one of the most challenging of her career. Operation Collier remains an open investigation.

Organised Crime Enforcer Turns Mentor for Men

James Harding is putting as much energy and passion into helping people as he once did into hurting them.

An Ex-Cop and His Comedian Son Talk True Crime

An extra episode this week featuring stand up comedian Paul Verhoeven who’s written a book about his father John, a former NSW copper and forensics investigator, not to mention a very intriguing fellow.