Season 4 – 2020

#LetHerSpeak Janelle O’Connor’s sexual assault. WARNING – VIOLENT CONTENT

Janelle O’Connor was the first person in the State of Tasmania to exercise her right to be named as a rape survivor, on the 24th of April 2020.

The Sting – Catching Daniel Morcombe’s Killer

Although Queensland police visited Brett Peter Cowan just days after Daniel Morcombe first disappeared in 2003, it took 8 years, an inquest and an incredibly intricate covert operation for them to find a way to convict him of Daniel’s abduction and murder.

The Narelle Fraser Conversations – Kira Olney

To celebrate our first Australian True Crime online livestream this Saturday Night, starring Narelle Fraser and Ron Iddles, we’re releasing an extra episode this week. It’s another in the series of Narelle Fraser Conversations.

The shocking murder of Bride-to-be Stephanie Scott

The rape and murder of country schoolteacher Stephanie Scott by school handyman Vincent Stanford just a week before her wedding shocked Australia.

The Narelle Fraser Conversations – Patrick Tidmarsh

Patrick Tidmarsh is a leading authority on sexual offending, and the investigation of sexual crime.

Missing William Tyrell with Caroline Overington

Our most requested case. Journalist and author Caroline Overington has tirelessly researched the disappearance and search for 3-year-old William Tyrell and gained exclusive interviews with many members of his family.