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Victoria’s Laws are about to get even worse for victims

Journalist Nina Funnell is exposing the Victorian Governments latest bizarre proposed legislative changes. This time they are trying to wipe the names of victims from history.

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The Nurse with Camille Bianchi

Jim Griffin was a nurse in the children’s ward of Launceston hospital for 18 years until 2019. He was also a prolific paedophile. Journalist Camille Bianchi’s podcast The Nurse examines who knew, and for how long.  You can support the LetUsSpeak campaign at https://au.gofundme.com/f/stop-silencing-survivors Show notes for Episode 181: Your hosts are Meshel Laurie and...

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Stalking and Murder

The inquest into the shocking murders of teenagers Jack and Jennifer Edwards by their father John has revealed his history of family violence and stalking.

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Giving Lawyer X a Voice

Do “disgraced” lawyer Nicola Gobbo and “disgraced” former drug squad detective Paul Dale deserve to be given a platform to tell their sides of their stories?

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