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Prison Forensic Psych – Crime Fiction Friday

Ellery Kane’s life is non-stop crime. By day Ellery is a forensic psychologist and she evaluates prison inmates in California, most of whom have committed murder or another serious crime and have been in jail for a very long time, and are coming up for parole. Ellery’s the author of the detective thriller series featuring Criminal...

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Man Shot Dead In Stand Off – My Father

Travis Winks talks about the chain reaction of events that turned his normal, Queensland family into a tragic, sensational headline.

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Phia’s Brother Corey Was No Angel

Phia Power’s brother Corey wasn’t exactly a model citizen, but should that make us any less interested in seeing justice for his murder?

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Barrenjoey Road – Update

Neil Mercer and Ruby Jones are still investigating the crimes of Neville Tween, who stalked Sydney’s Northern Beaches without apparent impunity in the 70s and 80s.

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