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Victoria Police and the “African Gangs”

A veteran of the homicide squad and taskforce Purana, Commander Bateson now heads up the African Australian Community Taskforce. He speaks with us about Melbourne's so-called African gang problem.

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Elaine and the African Gangs

Meshel is a long time supporter of Melbourne's African community, but in response to calls for her to sit down with a victim of the so called "African Gangs", she visits with 76-year-old Elaine for a conversation of many surprising twists.

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Ken Kratz: Making a Murderer

This is the True Crime half of the interview Meshel recently recorded with Ken. It is almost completely concerned with the Halbach case.

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The Unsatisfactory Case Of Matthew Leveson

In November of 2016, a decade after his death, Michael Atkins finally agreed to tell police where he'd buried the remains of his young lover Matthew Leveson.

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