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Emily Webb’s Crime Fiction Friday: Ep 1

Welcome to Emily Webb’s new podcast Crime Fiction Friday! Every week Emily talks to one of the world’s most successful authors about their work and inspiration.

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Nicole Lee went back to court so she could speak about her survival after rape.

Nicole Lee’s husband raped her virtually every day for years on end and pled guilty to doing so in court. The Judge praised him in his sentencing remarks as a quiet, gentle man.

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Perth’s First Serial Killer

Perth was terrorised in the 1960's by an illusive night stalker. He killed men and women, in different ways and ran the police in circles. And that’s just the beginning of this extraordinary story

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Catching the Kimberley Killer

Bob Brown was part of an elite police team who were flown in to catch a killer stalking the outback in 1987. This man had randomly executed five people at remote camping sites in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

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