It was Fathers Day, 2005. Robert Farquharson had just spent the day with his three sons, on an access visit. While returning them to their mother, his car veered off the road, and plunged into an icy dam. Robert escaped. But his three children, Jai, Tyler, and Bailey, all drowned. It made headline news around the country. Was it a freak accident? Or revenge murders? Farquharson maintained his innocence. His wife, Cindy Gambino, stood by his story. And then, something changed.

This is one of the most controversial, high-profile and protracted legal cases in Australian criminal history.

Join Meshel Laurie, Emily Webb and Investigative journalist and author Megan Norris as they go beyond the news cycle to chronicle the seven-year case, and the devastating consequences of what happened next.

Show notes for Episode 3:

Your hosts are Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb

With thanks to Megan Norris

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