narelle fraser

The Narelle Fraser Conversations – Kira Olney

To celebrate our first Australian True Crime online livestream this Saturday Night, starring Narelle Fraser and Ron Iddles, we’re releasing an extra episode this week. It’s another in the series of Narelle Fraser Conversations.

The Narelle Fraser Conversations – Patrick Tidmarsh

Patrick Tidmarsh is a leading authority on sexual offending, and the investigation of sexual crime.

The Narelle Fraser Conversations – Retired Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Sandra Nicholson

Retired Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Sandra Nicholson isn’t the kind of person who seeks attention.

The Narelle Fraser Conversations – Michele Williams QC Senior Crown Prosecutor

Narelle Fraser dusts off her celebrated interviewing skills for a special series of episodes of Australian True Crime to be featured intermittently throughout the year.

Narelle Fraser meets Victor Peirce at the shops

Narelle Fraser thought her number was up when she ran into the notorious armed robber Victor Peirce at the shops.

The Murder of Andrew Preston: A Narelle Fraser Case

The life of Andrew Preston is not the kind that makes it to the headlines or lives in our memories for very long.