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Stalker: A Narelle Fraser Case

One of Narelle’s most memorable cases. Have you noticed anything strange around your house?

Victorian Rape Squad: A Narelle Fraser Case

Narelle Fraser’s first case with the Victorian Rape Squad was to be one of the most challenging of her career. Operation Collier remains an open investigation.

The Murder of Eurydice Dixon and Violence Against Women

Generation after generation of women are told that the only way society can ensure their safety after dark is for them to agree never walk alone. Is it fair? Is it reasonable? Is it just reality?

Retired detective Narelle Fraser’s most memorable cases

Narelle recalls some particularly memorable days and nights on the job.

The Disappearance of Lorraine Carter: A Narelle Fraser Case

Lorraine Carter was an intellectually disabled woman, who married a man against her parent’s better judgement.

The murder of Zayden Veal-Whitting: A Narelle Fraser Case

The Murder of 10-month-old Zayden Veal-Whitting is quite simply one of the most shocking crimes that’s ever occurred in Australian history. It provided proof, if proof were needed, that methamphetamine addiction was capable of creating a new breed of terror in the suburbs.